'American Idol' Results: 1 of 6 Sent 'So Far Away'

Tonight on American Idol, we discover who you, personally, sent home. You might as well have sent them anthrax, too, because Ryan Seacrest knows this was part of your evil plot all along and you have just ruined one person's life forever. This week the contestants sang solos and duets by Carole King. The solos were so much better than the duets, which didn't matter because people only voted based on the solos, really, and are people even doing that anymore or just voting for their favorites? We'll find out! (Haley Reinhart is the key.)
Most of us think Jacob and Casey will be in the bottom two tonight, with one of the girls (probably Haley, even though I really like her now) rounding out the bottom three. Was Jacob's outfit that unforgivable? I used to really like Casey, but listening to him I realize that he does this thing on the end of notes way too often. I have trouble describing it, but he ends words with like, an "ng" sound and then releases it with "AH" and it sounds angry and forced. I like him better when he doesn't do that, and man, he did it a lot this week when he performed "Hi De Ho."



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