'Community' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap

First things first: welcome to this world, Ben Bennett! I still can't believe Shirley had another baby -- what will it mean for the group? Will she quit school? So many questions! -- but let's be real. I'm only happy we know who the daddy is now, and that it isn't Chang.

I did find it kind of interesting that the writers chose this episode to make Chang more normal. Sure, he was spouting some nonsense about Chang babies loving the sauce ("Alcohol and duck.") and he's way more superstitious than anyone could've guessed ("If you can visualize a rabbit riding a dragon, it'll increase his chances of winning lotteries.") -- maybe because all Chang babies are born with tails -- but he did provide Shirley with that constant needed to deliver the baby.

That baby is cute, as healthy as a baby can be being delivered by Britta in the anthropology classroom at Greendale and, as Theo -- sorry, Malcolm-Jamal Warner -- said, "It's also a black person! Not that it's important." Read More...



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