'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Last Day Before Becoming a Vampire

I was ready to write this episode of The Vampire Diaries off as a slow, emotional one where nothing big happens. Then two HUGE things happened in the last minute. There weren't a lot of witty one-liners or fierce action, but, as is often the case with The Vampire Diaries, I gasped a lot.

Ready for the Sacrifice

Klaus wants the Sacrifice to happen ASAP, so Elijah goes over the plan. Elena will drink a magical witch potion that will bring her back to life after Klaus drinks all of her blood and kills her. The elixir isn't 100 percent, but it's the only thing they have, since the magic ring won't work on Elena because she's a Petrova doppelganger, which makes her a little supernatural. I like that the Vampire Diaries writers are bothering to plug up obvious plot holes like that one. Read More...



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