'The Office' recap: The Long Goodbye

What a difference seven seasons make. In 2005, Michael Scott was an overbearing, insensitive jerk whose antics earned nothing but scorn and disrespect from his employees. Gradually, though, that version of Michael Scott was replaced by the Michael Scott we know now: an immature but goodhearted buffoon whose greatest fault is his all-consuming need to be liked.

If 2005 Michael had suddenly announced that he was moving to Colorado, his subordinates would have only felt relieved. (And they certainly wouldn't have paid tribute to him with a touching song before he went.) But 2011 Michael's departure from Scranton was a momentous event. Despite everything he's done and said to them over the years, the denizens of Dunder Mifflin feel true affection for their dopey boss. And Michael, of course, considers them to be his surrogate family. So there was a lot of pressure on The Office to give the World's Best Boss a proper sendoff — one that managed to find the sweet spot between sentimentality and flippancy. Happily, on that count, the show succeeded with flying colors. Read More...



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