CSI Review: "Father of the Bride"

I'm beginning to have a love/hate relationship with this Nate Haskell storyline. One the one hand I'm excited to see the mayhem leading up to the season finale. On the on the other I'm sort of tired of it and see where everything is leading.

"Father of the Bride" earns kudos for an engaging but predictable plot, but a lot of what made me enjoy this episode were the guest stars and the solid character interaction.

Ray is going to snap very soon. If the end of the episode is leading where I think it is, he'll probably snap within minutes of next week's opening credits. Lawrence Fishburne is doing an excellent job of showing the slow progression of a man on the verge of crossing all his lines. In every scene Ray's agitation and growing inner darkness seeps into the foreground. Even in a humorous moment when Henry mentions that Hodges is moving out of his mother's house, Ray remains tightly wound. Read More...



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