'The Vampire Diaries' recap: The Last Day

Sleeping shirtless was the only thing Damon did right in this episode. I never thought we'd be going into next week's sacrifice ritual with Elena having vampire blood in her system, Aunt Jenna being in transition, and Damon suffering from a werewolf bite. Let's break it down.

So unfortunately, Damon put on a shirt before he came downstairs to argue with Stefan, Elena, and Elijah about why they were letting Klaus go through with the ritual. For those viewers who've forgotten: Elijah says Klaus will be at his weakest during his transition into the vampire-werewolf hybrid, which means Bonnie can kill him without killing herself. ("I'll write her a great eulogy," Damon pleaded. I wish we'd gotten the first line of it.) Elijah detailed the plan: Klaus has the moonstone and a witch who can channel the power of the full moon to release the spell that's bound within the stone. [Cut to Klaus looking good in red and still cozy with Greta.] After that, Klaus, being both vampire and werewolf, will sacrifice one of each. Then, he must drink the blood of the doppelgänger until she dies. That's where Elijah comes in: He still has the elixir he had developed for Katerina 500 years ago. Read More...



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