'Parks and Recreation' - 'Jerry's Painting': Centaur of attention

A review of tonight's "Parks and Recreation" coming up just as soon as I speak to you in Spanish with the formal "usted"... "Get out of my way unless you want an arrow in your ass, Marcia." -LeslieThough "Parks and Rec" hasn't had fantastic retention of its "Office" lead-in audience, it's been fairly consistent percentage-wise. So if you assume a very big audience tunes in for Steve Carell's goodbye, then "Parks and Rec" should be up a lot proportionally. And as luck would have it, what I'm guessing is the show's biggest audience ever got to see a damned funny (and fairly raunchy) episode. 

I know I complained last week about the contrived nature of Chris' dating policy being used to keep Ben and Leslie apart, but the show put it to good use tonight. Not only did it drop Amy Poehler and Adam Scott into two separate but equally funny storylines, but virtually all of Leslie's behavior this week was motivated by that policy. She felt both romantically adrift and weak thanks to Chris, and Jerry's painting of her as a topless, majestic centaur made her feel sexy and powerful again. I could see Leslie fighting Marcia Langman over this even in a better week, as Leslie has no patience for Marcia's intolerance and bullying tactics, but I also think there might have come a point where she recognized that putting an illustrated version of her breasts on display in a government building was probably not the wisest idea. She'd have fought a few rounds, then yielded to take the painting home with her or something.  Read More...



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