'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Testing Limits

Last night was all about pushing boundaries for the folks at Seattle Grace. Callie pushed herself and everyone around her to get better. In a desperate bid to prove his leadership ability, Karev walked a fine line between criminal fraud and a truly good deed. And Meredith nudged her own ethical line past a point that could end up tanking Derek's FDA trial, as well as her own career.

But most importantly, we now know the baby's name: Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres. The wee little thing was only one week old at the start of the episode and surviving at a measly 1lb, 1 oz., though still battling health issues. Meanwhile, Callie was laid up in bed, struggling to close her hand and prove she's got some control over it. Tears and struggles aside, she was absolutely showing her spirit, trying to get Bailey to let her go see the baby, then trying to flip Cristina the bird with her uncooperative hand  when she backed up Bailey's decision. Read More...



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