Private Practice Review: "What We Have Here ..."

The past should be left in the past ... right?

Especially when you’re talking about a woman who almost killed you and stole your baby, but what about an ex-husband? On Private Practice, Katie Kent returned to stir things up a bit for Violet and Pete. Billy, Charlotte’s ex, also made an appearance.

These storylines just weren’t enough for me though.

I neither liked nor disliked "What We Have Here ...", but one thing’s for sure: Whether or not you are a fan of Sam and Addie, last night definitely couldn’t have been easy for you. I know it wasn’t for me. We’ve waited a month for the return of Private Practice, and still don’t know where their relationship is going.

We knew that Addison wants a baby. We knew that Sam already has Maya and Olivia. So, why are they still fighting about it? This storyline has dragged on for months now, and I find myself only anticipating an end result. Read More...


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