'The Real Housewives of New York City' recap: Ramona, when denied a glass of Ramona, will get Ramotional

How else was Cindy supposed to survive last week's dinner in honor of Ramona than to dive deep into her martini? Turns out she got a little loopy, a little depressed perhaps about her decision to do Housewives, and went home and stuffed her face on pistachios. Poor thing cracked her veneers and lucky us she brought them in a little baggie to Vivienne Tam to show Sonja. (And we worried Season 4 would be slow!) "God, they look like baby fake nails," marveled Sonja. I can't help but love her, people. That was the extent of interest Sonja could muster up for Cindy's crisis. She'd already done so much for the woman. She'd gotten her driver boy to bring all her the way downtown on a weekday for God's sake. She wouldn't even do that for an actual friend, mind you. And now Cindy was threatening to deny her her veal milanese? "I have a girlfriend who has like half her teeth gone," said Sonja. "She takes steak, like no problem." Cut to Bravo frantically trying to cast this woman for Season 5. Read More...



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