Nikita: "Glass Houses" Review

First things first: how many shows out there can consistently provide its viewers with one "OH S**T?" moment, let alone two? Just when I think I've got Nikita all figured out, they pull out the big guns and completely change the direction of the show. Yet again. In all fairness, "Glass Houses" was a below-average episode for most of the evening, plodding along at a slower pace than usual as Nikita worked to save another person screwed over by Division. However, they more than made up for it with two huge revelations: Jaden's fate and Amanda's discovery of Alex true identity. By the time the season ends, will anybody still be alive? The CW made news earlier this week by renewing a bunch of their original programs and introducing a new president, Mark Pedowitz. Dear Mr. Pedowitz, please take a minute to set-up a few plants and family photos, settle into your new power chair and learn some new names around the office. And then renew Nikita already! You've got the best new show of the season offering episode-after-episode of intelligent, action-packed storytelling, battling on the toughest night in prime-time. Don't waste it. Maybe we can pull a Chuck-style "Save Nikita" campaign and send something to the CW to get their attention, like old Bluetooth devices or fake diamond watches. (Although with a show about trained assassins, sending an anonymous package in the mail might do more harm than good.) Maybe, like the characters on the show, we use technology to our advantage and just e-mail the guy. Get to it Nikitites!  Read More...


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