The Office: "Goodbye, Michael" Review

I must apologize in advance if this review gets a little maudlin. I've just finished watching "Goodbye, Michael" and I'm still adjusting to the reality of a post-Michael-Scott world. No more silly conference room scenes. No more outrageous characters (though at least we got to see a final glimpse of Ping tonight). No more "that's what she said." I may look back on this episode later and wonder what got me all choked up, but right now it feels like I just experienced one of those historic television moments that will be included in montages for years to come. I don't cry at weddings when the bride cries. But if I happen to see the groom crying, or hear that unmistakable crack in his voice, that's when my eyes start to well up. Watching this episode was kind of like that. I expected Michael to break into tears at some point when the finality of his departure from Dunder Mifflin set in, and I actually made it through most of the episode dry eyed. But seeing Dwight and Jim (and, to some extent, the actors themselves) get all misty and sentimental pushed me over the edge. By the end I was a wreck. I'm still sniffling a bit as I write this. Read More....


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