Infamous= predictable

I just watched the recent episode and was disappointed because it was clear from the start that someone would turn back time and change everything back to the beginning.

I mean, how cheesy was the scene where the old man approached Clark on the street and this little boy asked for his autograph?

When I read about this episode I hoped that he would only come up with his identity as Superman but the moment he chose to go public as "Clark Kent the alien from Krypton" you knew that you could basically forget everything that happens because in the end it won't matter anyway.

and even though this episode had some really nice clark and lois moments, the point where he just used the Legion ring (ignoring what Lois was telling him!!!) just destroyed it all.

I have to admit that even though i really wanted Clark to get that coffee with Lois I think they created a nice sad atmosphere for the very last scene.

but after we waited so long for smallville to come back I would have expected more.

especially some REAL progress for CLOIS.



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Mar 14, 2009 10:34PM EDT

I completely agree. From the cheesy "your money's no good here" to completely ignoring Chloe mid-sentence with the ring to the predictable use of the ring, the episode reeked.

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Mar 17, 2009 9:38AM EDT

Granted it was cheesy with the old man and the autograph, but I believe that it was meant for it to be that way as an allusion to the old Superman movies, and the TV series.
I was very annoyed by this episode. Nothing was accomplished here. Everything that we had watched was completely erased by the end of the episode. It greatly irritates me when we are made to wait weeks for a new episode to come out when it has no impact on the story at all. The only new information that we gain throughout the whole 42 minutes is that Davis is now out of the arctic and back in Metropolis. Other than that, no progress with the story.
- Striger

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