The Big Bang Theory: "The Agreement Dissection" Review

Amy Farrah Fowler has a smoking monkey. A smoking monkey. Yeah, I didn't see that coming either. While on the surface, this was an episode about Pria's dissection of Sheldon's roommate agreement, it was really more of a character reveal piece. Episodes like this are some of my favorites as a general rule. Finding out that a bland character has a stripper pole in the bedroom. Learning that the king of the country has a thing for wearing bonnets...that sort of thing. It makes the characters more endearing. Well, boy oh boy did we learn some things today. This week, Leonard and Pria are in the shower (saving water, of course) when Sheldon has to pee so bad his back teeth are floating. Poor Shelly has to go over to Penny's to pee and Leonard finds himself in violation of the roommate agreement. He denied access to the bathroom in an emergency and exceeded the agreed upon occupancy for the shower. Pria, who is legally able to practice law in three countries rips that to shreds. When Sheldon gets his revenge by threatening to expose Pria's relationship with the ''marshmallow-white'' (or was it ''white-as-marshmallow''?) Leonard to her parents, we learn that the lady is ashamed of Leonard! Using him, perhaps? Alright, maybe she just needs a little more time to prepare. Either way, we learned something that could potentially break them up...or force a commitment. Which do you guys think it is? I'm voting for break up, since they've been so obviously setting it up for so long, but it wouldn't be the first time a show has thrown me for a loop. Please Kaley...don't ride any horses this summer, okay?  Read More...


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