Dylan Dog: Dead of Night Review

Adapted from the best-selling international comic book series (created by Tiziano Sclavi, whose work was also adapted into the 1994 film Cemetery Man), Dylan Dog: Dead of Night follows the eponymous private eye of the paranormal (Brandon Routh) who, in true Film Noir fashion, takes on a case that turns out to be a lot bigger and more dangerous than it at first appears. Hired by the beautiful heiress Elizabeth (Journey to the Center of the Earth's Anita Briem) to find a missing artifact taken from her slain father's home, Dylan and his sidekick Marcus (Sam Huntington, who also starred opposite Routh in Superman Returns) uncover netherworld connections to the murder. In Dylan Dog's realm -- the action has been relocated from the comics' Europe to New Orleans -- vampires, werewolves and zombies hide in plain sight among us.  Read More...



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