AMERICAN IDOL “Top 6 Results” Review

AMERICAN IDOL "Top 6 Results" Season 10 Episode 31 – So forget about how shocking you may have thought it was, the elimination of Casey Abrams, and for a moment close your eyes and bask in the glow that was His Caseyness as the credits rolled.

The sheer bombastic beauty, the gleeful growliness, the pure and unadulterated physical joy. This was not the pale, shaking Abrams who got the judges’ reprieve so many weeks ago, no. This was a man, thankful and keenly aware of his place in the world, exuberant and crackling with energy, ready to share the unbearable lightness of being with every single person in that appreciative crowd.

He’s done his time. His brilliant flash on American Idol is for the time being over. He’s ready to throw some of his soul to the wind and just let it be.

He couldn’t have given us—or his fellow contestants, who couldn’t help but be caught up in his joyous, rapscallion’s rampage—any better send off. If I miss seeing him perform in the scant few weeks to come, well, that is bittersweet. And I will miss them, those little Let-Me-Show-You-Something-You’ve-Seen-Before pieces of performance art. But that rust-bearded fool had his time, and he shared it well. Read More...


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