PARKS AND RECREATION “Jerry’s Painting” Review

PARKS AND RECREATION "Jerry’s Painting" Season 3 Episode 11 – PARKS AND RECREATIONthis week was fantastic. At a local art show, Jerry enters a painting of his favorite Greek myth. It is a painting of a female centaur…which looks remarkably like Leslie. After a near break down over not being allowed to date Ben (she compares herself to a flickering light bulb – it was fantastic), the "strong, capable" woman that Jerry paints is just the pick up that Leslie needs.

The next day at the office, the flickering light bulb is fixed; Leslie is speaking in very calm tones, and seems completely in charge of herself. However the unlikeable town’s woman Marsha decides that the painting needs to be destroyed, it depicts "bestiality" and well, Leslie IS half nude.

Leslie refuses, and the case is presented and voted in favor of Marsha – the painting will have to be destroyed. Read More...


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