THE MENTALIST “Redacted” Review

THE MENTALIST "Redacted" Season 3 Episode 20 – This episode really had two cases. The first started out as a pretty standard looking murder until mercenaries, private sector spies and mysterious messages on the victim’s phone popped up. After all of that, you’d think it would be some big baddie who killed the guy, but it turns out to be his girlfriend. All along it was about money, as murder usually is. She may have been ‘doing it from a place of love’ but murder is still murder.

Meanwhile, Jane is on a whole other case, one that he actually started. He hires a guy namesCulpepper (a thief the team caught previously) to search LaRoche’s house so that he can get his hands on the shortlist of suspects that led to Hightower and also includes the Red John’s little friend inside the CBI. When Culpepper gets himself caught, Jane has to split his energy between helping the rest of the team with their case, while trying to figure out how to not get caught up in Culpepper’s. In the end he is finally forced to confide in Lisbon, which I was happy to see since I think he should have done that in the first place. It’s about time she knows what’s really going on, though I did appreciate that he was trying to protect her. Read More...


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