30 ROCK “Everything Sunny All The Time Always” Review

30 ROCK "Everything Sunny All The Time Always" Season 5 Episode 21 – The penultimate episode of30 Rock was also one of the strongest. I know: it seems like I say that every week. Last week’s hour long episode was amazing, a few weeks before there was the hilarious "Queen of Jordan" parody of Bravo reality shows, the week before that was the thought provoking commentary on sexism and feminism, "TGS Hates Women". With only one episode left until the season finale, this year 30 Rockhas, for me, proven to be one of the funniest shows on television, along with Modern Family.

The plot this week concerned Tracy’s struggles to find the balance of chemistry among his buddies after his weeks spent absent in "Africa", Liz decides to save her life as she did her show but finds her efforts thwarted by a plastic bag and Jack’s baby mamma Avery is held hostage in North Korea.

It was an episode filled with the super ridiculous. Margaret Cho and Condeleeza Rice guest starred; the former was predictably hilarious, teaming up with Tracy to take down the CIA and showing her/his support of the North Korean government through deceptive weather reporting. The latter acquitted herself well and her role was nicely serviced with some excellent writing. Read More...



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