NIKITA “Glass Houses” Review

NIKITA "Glass Houses" Season 1 Episode 20 - Girl fights and dilemmas galore on NIKITA tonight! "Glass Houses" is one of the few episodes where I found myself looking at the clock every so often and wondering when it would end. It felt like another transition episode, preparing for the end of the season and setting up for a possible second season. Percy "releasing his inner psycho" leads Nikita andMichael to another Guardian. Where is she? How do Nikita and Michael get the black box? Should they help the Guardian escape? How do they hide all of this from Percy?

Nikita is still running the missions, and the guardian (and the means to the black box) is easily found hiding in plain sight. So let’s take a moment for "ice cream?" Funny, flirty delivery of just two words.

And then there’s Alex; what is to be done about her? She is ready to get out of Division and help Nikita destroy Division from the outside. Nikita rejects the idea, though she may rethink things after tonight. Read More..


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