BONES “The Pinocchio in the Planter” Review

BONES "The Pinocchio in the Planter" Season 6 Episode 20 – After the team runs across a victim who was part of an honesty club, they all try out being completely honest with rather mixed results. Some of the results are hilarious, like Booth admitting he goes commando and pretty much everything that went on between Hodgins and Wendell.

Hodgins and Angela seem to be the only ones who benefit from the all-truth, all-the-time, policy. I think without it they may not have been as open about how much they were both worried about their baby and that would have been very sad. It’s much better that they got it out into the open so that they could be there for each other, rather than each trying to hide how they felt from the other.

As for Bones, well she tells the truth all the time anyway, so the real fun of this episode came from watching everyone else be more like her for a little while. Booth keeps everything pretty close to the chest so it wasn’t too surprising that he didn’t let much loose. Comments about underwear aside, the only real truth Bones got out of him was about he felt about her being there to support him when he broke up with Hannah. He said the reason he didn’t tell her was hard to explain and I wonder if that’s because he didn’t want to give Bones the wrong impression as it’s pretty obvious he’s not ready for another relationship yet. Maybe he was worried about leading her on and inadvertently hurting her feelings, which would be just like him. Read More...


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