'Bones': Oh what a tangled web we weave


Though it took a moment to get used to disarming lack of Geoff Stultz in "Bones," we quickly settled into what looks to be the last normal procedural-type outing of the season. The final three episodes will see Brennan (Emily Deschanel) confronting ghosts from the past, Booth (David Boreanaz) chasing down the sniper and the two of the bowling -- and possibly hooking up. But for now there's just a dead dude in a dramatically large planter, whose demise prompts the Jeffersonian crew to briefly take up radical honesty. (Ahem, Brennan's been accidentally doing that for years.)For the squints:When a body turns up in the garden of a newly built community center, the gang quickly discover the victim was brutally beaten to death. But don't feel to sympathetic. He was a rich jerk with bad taste in home decor.After watching a video of one of his coworkers smacking him upside the head with an...



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