'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Damon reaches his screw-up quota on 'The Last Day'


Only two more "The Vampire Diaries" episodes left in the season, and Thursday's episode, "The Last Day," set them up to be quite a doozy. We ended the episode with half of our main cast in serious peril. After last week's brilliant, but exposition-heavy episode, this one was action packed from start to finish. Here we go...Previously on 'The Vampire Diaries': Klaus is an unkillable hybrid, the curse that doesn't make sense was fake all along, and Damon's eyes threw a temper tantrum. Oh, and Bonnie and Jeremy are still hidden away in a haunted house. But don't worry! They have internet there.8:01 - Damon is shirtless. I'll give you all a moment to gather your composure.He put on a shirt before he went downstairs to glare at people, though.There's some exposition, in case anybody didn't get enough of that last week, as Elijah describes the sacrifice ritual. I didn't realize that the witch involved...



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