they did it!












they actually killed off robin hood in a show that's CALLED "Robin Hood"!


i mean, the scene with marian was beautiful and the fact that they're united again but then again: killing off marian was their first big mistake!

if the main actors want to leave the show, make a hell of a last season and let the series end with a big triumphing BANG!

don't do THIS!

don't kill off the main main MAIN character and still let it continue.

jumping the shark BIG TIME fellas!

even though i like archer i don't really get the point of continuing to watch the show with only 2 (much + john) original cast members left.

that's just weird.

and this series started out so good. i loved the new approach regarding the robin hood legend. it was funny, the actors were great, the story was sometimes sad, sometimes funny and always full of action.

why did they have to screw this up?


i cried like a baby...partly because of robin's death and partly because the writers destroyed such a marvellous show!

and i wasn't even prepared for that. i honestly forgot that this show always had only 13 episodes and at first didn't realize that it was the finale...the BIG FINALE!!!

to me it felt as if they had all had a meeting before writing the script of the 2 final episodes and there was a dialogue like this:

"everyone who wants to leave the show, please raise your hand!"

"armstrong...okay...check! armstrong number 2...okay, check! anyone else?

come on, don't be shy...ah, armitage...check!...allen, check and stupid isabella-bitch, check!

great, thank you very much. anyone want some coffee while we write you out of the show?

but then again, it won't take see you tomorrow!"

p.s. prison break (*spoiler for those who haven't seen the finale of this show yet*)

--> at least had the decency to end with the death of the main character.



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Jun 1, 2016 9:50AM EDT

but the team will live on with archer so not all is lost


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Sep 21, 2009 6:30PM EDT

Well, points for ending things differently than every other Robin Hood story in existence, but I totally agree with you about how they should've made the decision to end the series as soon as they found out Jonas wanted out. I suppose I would've understood them continuing to fight in the name of Robin Hood, which would allow them to keep going. That works in theory, but, honestly, they killed off most of the people that made the show entertaining. It would've been better to have a clear-cut "good wins against evil" ending and be done with it.

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