'The Office': My 5 Favorite Moments from Michael's Big Farewell

"The people that you work with, when you get down to it, are your very best friends. They say on your death bed you never wish you spent more time at the office, but I will. Gotta be better than a death bed. I never understood death beds. Who would buy that?"
He made us laugh. He made us cringe. He even made us cry (or come close) at times. And now, after much, deserved, ado, he said goodbye. Catch you on the flippity flip, Mike.

It was a little difficult to remember that last night's Office episode, "Goodbye, Michael Scott," wasn't the final episode of the season. As we've been saying for more than a year now, in many ways The Office is Michael Scott. But the hour-long episode made sure, alongside as much deft and genuine care it took to give Michael a fitting farewell, to also remind us that the series, and the other characters, will go on without him.

Too much of a softy to handle a protracted goodbye (even to the point of missing his own send-off party--normally that amount of attention would send him over the moon), Michael told everyone he'd be leaving for Colorado the next day, but in truth he was flying off to meet Holly that evening. And so he spent his last day at the office saying his individual farewells to each of the workers, who (mostly) didn't know that they were saying farewell. It was an hour full of sweet moments and touching call-backs to everything that they, and we along with them, have been through together. Each goodbye hit a chord, calling to mind just how deep and dimensional the relationships between these characters have grown over the years, but here are the five final Michael moments that really tugged at my Office-loving heartstrings:



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