isabella=robin's new love interest?...are you kidding me??

marian, the love of his life just died and he falls in love with the wait...the second girl coming along his way?

i think they're screwing too much with the actual legend of robin hood by making gisborne's sister his new love interest.

i mean come on, robin is supposed to be with marian.

killing her off was the first big mistake they made.

letting will and djag leave was the second one.

and introducing isabella as robin's new love is just wrong.

how could he have gotten over marian so fast?

and what the hell should he see in isabella? i'm sorry, but she's plain and much too thin and her character is pretty lame.

he seems to like her from the moment he first sees her but i don't really understand why.

she doesn't have marian's toughness or grace.

don't get me wrong, marian was annoying sometimes, but at least there was something about her that made us understand why robin loved her.

armstrong is leaving the show anyway and i would have been fine without a lovestory evolving around robin in this season.

you still have the other members of the gang and

they already made a start with kate, much and allan.



Apr 30, 2009 4:37PM EDT

I haven't seen the last episode but just reading this makes my blood boil. How can they give Robin a new love interest. That is appalling! Marian was supposed to be the love of his life. Killing her off was the biggest mistake and has done the show no favors. Will and Djaq are sorely missed as well, while Kate and Tuck are merely annoying.
Bad writing is ruining one of the most entertainig shows on television and I am very sad about it.
I was a big fan from the start, but I am starting to lose interest in its further development. While I have enjoyed some of the liberties taken with the legend, there are just some things that should be left intact: Robin and Marian being the pivotal couple.

Default avatar cat
May 1, 2009 6:41AM EDT

i for one am sick of alan always being in a love triangle!!!! what the hell? when they were writing kate in didnt they have deja vu?!?
and much?!? what happened to EVE?!? argh i would love it if they got eve back and we finally saw Alan with someone and i dont really mind tuck but im getting tired of repeating plots!!!

Default avatar cat
May 7, 2009 5:33PM EDT

I agree, this is ridiculous.
I feel like the writers had this conversation:
Writer 1: "Hey, in the season 2 finale let's get rid of one of the guys of the gang and the only girl in the gang. Also, let's kill off Robin's love interest, who was involved with Gisbourne before."Writer 2: "That's a FANTASTIC idea!"Writer 3: "Umm... ok, but next season we need to get the balance back. Let's bring a new guy into the gang, then another tough-girl with another love triangle, and give Robin another love interest who's connected to Gisbourne somehow. Also, we still need the ethnic vibe, so since the new girl is white, let's make the new guy like African-American or something."All writers: "Agreed! We're the best writers ever. Yay us!"
Oh, BBC, what have you done??

Default avatar cat
May 12, 2009 3:45PM EDT

haha i was rofl when i read that insanechick, its funny cuz its true. they ruined the show in the 2nd season finale, nobody likes this changes theyre loosing viewers, idk about BBC but if this was the U.S. i would hope that the writers would think of something to fix what they ruined, the show had the chance to go back on what they did but theyre in too deep now and have pretty much send a great show to the tv graveyard

Default avatar cat
May 31, 2009 4:12AM EDT

haha yeh i know its still really good and all but it is not as good as it was... and i HATE Isabella she annoys the hell out of me!Apparently they are going to bring back will and djac some time this season, i dont know if its true or just a rumor but i hope its true!the actress for Marian left because she wanted to go to Hollywood!

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