'Supernatural' recap: Attack of the Jefferson Starships

Like the best mythology-heavy episodes ofSupernatural, last night left us with questions disguised as answers, conflicting feelings of comfort from resolution and unease from new revelations, and a bunch of new inside-fandom jokes.

What struck me most about this shockingly quick hour, which found Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas on the search for the Mother of All, was how it kept me guessing. I never knew which direction it was heading. It started off like a case-of-the-week, then it turned into a hunt for the Mother, then it wasn't a hunt because she wasn't hiding, then there were these little boys whom we all knew we shouldn't trust completely, and then…that twist. I'm obviously getting ahead of myself. We'll get to Castiel's possible huge betrayal in a little bit. Let's recap. Read More...



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