Supernatural Recap: "Mommy Dearest"

Thanks to their excellent "Frontierland" adventure, Sam and Dean have the ashes of a phoenix at their disposal. All they need to do is find the Mother of All (aka Eve) and gank her. They track her down to a town where she's infected some of the residents. While the members of Team Free Will finally meet Eve, it turns out she's not really the problem. She's small potatoes. A huge revelation puts Castiel's motives in question big time.

I don't know about you guys but Cas working with Crowley is something I'm still trying to process. Of all the things the angel has been hiding from the boys, I really never thought this would be it. You know I love me some Crowley and Mark A. Sheppard something fierce. And the show did a good job of keeping this little ditty under wraps. I'm just not quite sure how I feel about Crowley being a bigger factor in this season than we thought. So, I guess Cas is willing to work with Crowley -- the King of Hell -- in order to defeat Raphael's side in their angelic civil war? Is it all about getting the juice from the souls and garnering enough power to defeat the other side? Read More...


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