'Doctor Who' Season 6, Episode 2 Recap

Last week's 'Doctor Who' series 6 premiere left us with a million questions, and this week's conclusion left us with a million more! Brain...melting! Confusion...winning! What. Is. Happening!?
Steven Moffat and crew hurled us straight into the deep end after leaving our heads spinning with the first half of this thrilling two-part adventure. We landed right in the middle of the story, three months after we witnessed Amy shooting the little girl in the space suit and revealing her pregnancy to The Doctor.
Amy, Rory and River Song were desperate and running from both The Silence and from Canton Delaware and his gun-toting G-men. Their bodies were covered with 'Memento'-ish marks and, of yeah, they all died in the first act. Died! Shocking, right? Sure, but not as shocking as the image of The Doctor sporting a wild Sam Beam beard. Read More...



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