'Game of Thrones' recap: Lord Snow, Littlefinger and Back Alley Sally

"The third episode was the best one yet!" says my friend.

"It was my least favorite of the first six," I reply.

And we both gave the same reason: "There's tons of character development."

How you felt about the third hour likely hinges on whether you like scenes where folks just hang out and drink and get to know each other. There were no deaths, no wolves and no sex this week -- let alone death from sex with wolves, which is practically what we expect from the always shocking Thrones (For the curious, I'd rank the first six episodes in this order: six, five, two, four, one, three).

Hey-ho, let's go: Lord Ned Stark arrives in Kings Landing, looking grimy and annoyed. He's met by a minion who says King Robert's other advisers are waiting for him, then gives Stark's leather-daddy outfit a once-over and suggests, "If you'd like to change into something more appropriate…"

And Ned just dead-stares him, as if thinking:What TV show do you think I'm on? Change into what? Westeros business casual? A suit from Men's Wearhouse? ("The king's council will love the way you look, I guarantee it.") Besides, fantasy characters rarely change  clothes, it's an unwritten a rule. Frodo climbed that snowy mountain barefoot and didn't even put on a jacket. Farm boy Luke Skywalker wore his bathrobe all the way to the Death Star. Read More...



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