'The Amazing Race' recap: Mountaineers and Chocolatiers

The Matterhorn is one of the great obsessions in the history of mountaineering, claiming the lives of hundreds of daredevil climbs. It sits atop the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy, hovering ominously over all creation like a restless Old God waiting to strike. It is also the namesake of a Disneyland ride that lived in my nightmares for most of my childhood. After my family's trip to the theme park, there were literally months where I couldn't fall asleep, because I imagined that every house sound was the Matterhorn Snowman walking on all fours down the hallway. So last night's Matterhorn-scaling episode of The Amazing Race proved uniquely therapeutic. (If the show's next leg takes the teams to a country populated entirely by clowns and gym teachers, that'll be a clean sweep of my adolescent anxieties.) Read More...



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