The Killing Review: "What You Have Left"

Slow and somber, "What You Have Left" was gently moving and highly intriguing. The episode matched others in its pacing, but the cliffhanger ending was a good change for the show.

Opening with preparations on Rosie's body for the funeral, the episode started with no dialogue to break up the disturbing and depressing images, especially when fake fingernails were applied to her dead and damaged (from trying to claw her way out of the trunk) fingers. The stark images and silence of these earlier images worked nicely when juxtaposed with the tense and exciting cliffhanger ending.

Part of what made this episode so successful was the fact that Linden was such a prominent character. She had planned to leave that night (again), but the investigation of Bennet Ahmed stalled her. This week we saw (again) how great she is at her job when knew Bennet was lying about letting Rosie into his home that night. She continued working slowly, but thoroughly, to get the evidence she needed. Read More...


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