oliver and clark

i have to say that i hate where their relationship is going. i mean, are the writers going down the same path with them as they did with ck and LL? i surely hope not!

even though i can understand both sides i think they're better than fighting like this while a danger like doomsday is still around.

sure, it adds to the tension of such a show but you sometimes really ask yourself why they're not able to talk about what they really want.

why no compromise?

they could try to seperate doomsday from davis and send him to the phantomzone and if this should not work they could still kill him.

there's sometimes too much black or white and everyone thinks that his/her way is the only right thing to do.

i hate it when the good guys (i mean the really good guys...not the lex luthors) fight like that.

but i saw some hope in the end of clark's and oliver's last discussion...maybe they can still fix it.

well, we'll see!


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