'Chuck' preview: Bachelor parties, bad guys and 'Agent X'


"Chuck" throws a bachelor party on Monday (May 2). And as with any good bachelor party, the people involved either don't remember or aren't willing to share everything that happens.In this case, it's probably the latter -- we're talking about fictional characters, after all. Still, when Zap2it visited the "Chuck" set recently, it wasn't easy to pry much information about the bachelor party from the cast."Casey brings weapons, as always. There's target practice," Adam Baldwin says. "There are some spears being whittled," adds Joshua Gomez. ("There is some whittling," Baldwin agrees.) "Your standard bachelor party -- you know."Wait -- whittling? Target practice? It seems that rather than go to Las Vegas as planned, the guys end up on a camping trip. Which, uh, may not end up going so well. "What's the movie with Burt Reynolds? ... 'Deliverance,'" Ryan McPartlin tells us. "But not like that, the scary part of it. [More] the suspenseful part...



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