'The Office' Recap: 'Michael's Last Dundies' And 'Goodbye, Michael'

Sorry for my absence last week – vacation down south beckoned me.  Here, then, is a double recap.

In ‘Michael’s Last Dundies,’ we get a warm-up to his goodbye.  It starts with Michael and Deangelo making early morning house calls to present lucky Dundie nominees with their certificates.  Reactions range from a drunken offer of Vienna sausages (Meredith) to outrage (Stanley: "Have you lost your mind?  Get off my property before I call the police!")

Michael finds it fitting to have Deangelo as his co-host, but Deangelo is pretty nervous about the whole thing.  In fact, the guy is shaping up to be quite the basket case, isn’t he?

Erin, meanwhile, confesses to Pam that she is not in love with Gabe.  She doesn’t even find him attractive.  Pam convinces Erin she’s got to do what’s right for her.  Apparently, the "right" thing is breaking up with Gabe upon accepting her "Cutest Office Redhead" Dundie Award. Read More...



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