the final break...i can't believe it *spoiler*

omg, i just watched 'the final break' and i can't believe that they really did this.

after watching the last episode i thought there was somekind of an explanation for the grave etc....but this?

while i do think that pb had to come to an end with this season, the way they did it just wasn't right for me.

yes, they did something different by killing off the main character but at what cost?

in the end, he was never allowed to be truly happy and i hate it when they do that to character that had to endure so much.

their names were cleared, the company gone...why not leave it that way?

no, he has to have nosebleeds again and dies sacrificing himself for sara and the baby. yes, it was heroic but they could have written a much better ending.

why not let him be happy?

they really must have felt the need to kill him in the end because just letting the tumor come back was pretty weak as a storyline.

i just watched the whole fourth season during the last week and i'm certain that they could have found a better way to end all this because it was pretty good at times.

the whole beginning was very ocean's elevenish and i liked that a lot.

but then, all the pain and all the running and he dies without even seeing his kid?

don't get me wrong, i'm all for good plots and twists in the storyline but this was just not written very well.

prison break was always awesome with action, twists and tension but the emotional aspect was sometimes left out a bit too much for me.

it was hard for me to really get michael and sara's relationship because they never really had much time together. there was no was just there.

also the part with bellick dying. even though i liked that they cared about him in a didn't really make sense that even linc would get so emotional over this.

u knew the whole episode that bellick was gonna die because he talked about his father and the kind of life he wanted to live. these things were just too obvious and i think that, as unbelievably perfect the technical twists and storylines were, the emotional relationships were left behind a bit.

i still love pb, but the ending makes it hard for me to ever watch it again.

to say it harshly: why bother when he dies anyway in the end? my head...he's alive and the whole thing with his dead was just a fraud.

then i can be happy :)




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May 30, 2009 8:52AM EDT

I actually disagree with u i loved the ending and it was like omg, dont get me wrong i hated that Michael had to die..but i tought it was a good ending..I didnt really like the 4th season, just watched like half of it, but read about them and saw the last episode and the "movie" and i really enjoy'd them, made me realize why i loved and strated watching Prison Break in the first place..Prison Break <3

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Jun 1, 2009 1:36AM EDT

I guess Jareen is right. The writers should have not end it that way. It should be a happy ending, him free of charge and living with Sarah and his son. He had a lot of heartaches, losses and suffering. I guess Michael deserved to be happy at the end. after all, you just have a little faith.

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Jun 1, 2009 5:15AM EDT

I think Michael was happy in the "end". What better way to die than to sacrifice yourself for your loved ones? He was dying anyway from the tumour, so this was a noble way to go out. I was disappointed with it leaving it at him being dead, so the movie was a nice closure, if a bit rushed in the storytelling.

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