THE BORGIAS “The French King” Review

THE BORGIAS "The French King" Season 1 Episode 6 – Now that is what I’m talking about! The sixth episode of The Borgias finally delivered on the smutty intrigue the promos have been promising for months. Up until last week the show, for all its merit in production design, was a bit of a plodding mess, with plots introduced and disposed of so quickly I for one (because I’m obviously a genius) was completely muddled.

This episode dialled the pantomine villainy back a few notches. Della Rovere is still scheming and his section of the story is still, in my opinion, the worst in its sheer dullness, but at least in this episode I’d an idea what his endgame was: by the end of the hour Rovere had enlisted the French to help him usurp Pope Rodrigo and install him as the pontiff, in exchange for control of Naples. Like I said, I thought this was a pretty dull section of the episode, but it serves a brilliant purpose in finally aligning foes against the pope and posing a genuine problem to the Pope. Read More...


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