GAME OF THRONES “Lord Snow” Reivew

GAME OF THRONES "Lord Snow" Season 1 Episode 3 – Winter is coming indeed. The third episode of Game of Thrones is, in my humble opinion, its best yet, and it shows what will hopefully be a trend of ever increasing awesomeness as the season progresses. Now that the characters and situations have been set up, the show can start getting to the juicy stuff, which it does with great aplomb.

The name of this week’s episode was "Lord Snow". ‘Snow’ is the surname given to any and all bastards, and the Wall is filled with them, along with the criminals and unloved boys and young men of the Seven Kingdoms. This episode saw Jon Snow put into the position where it was time for him to forget his privileged upbringing, time for him to abandon the airs and graces of Winterfell (however scant they may be) and begin living like a member of the unwanted. Kit Harrington’s sense of betrayal was palpable, and his bond with the other lads was, thankfully, free of schmaltz. Read More...


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