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Waste of Time

Excellent right up until the final two episodes. The very last installment was possibly the worst television I have ever seen. Complete waste of time, an absolute travesty.


| 15:15 EDT, 11 Sep, 2009
My mind was and is very open. Like I said, I actually really enjoyed the first ten episodes. It cannot be denied, however, that the final two episodes were extremely poorly written. In this kind of show it doesn't matter how good the start and the middle are if the end is so terrible. A complete anti-climax and therefore a total waste of time.
| 08:24 EDT, 11 Sep, 2009
Apart from in those teen killer shows, someone usually gets murdered while having sex. That didn't happen.This was much better then some of you are making out. You need to open your closed minds a little bit before you watch some things.
| 12:54 EDT, 27 Aug, 2009
gähn worst show ever its like one of this bad teen killer films just longer and GÄHN
| 09:15 EDT, 17 Aug, 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed the first ten or eleven episodes and looked forward to Harper's Island each week. It was shaping up to be one of my favourite TV shows ever. Unfortunately in the end it turned out to be very predictable and the final episode was simply atrocious. The "killer" turned out to be exactly who I thought it was from the start, which didn't help, but even if I hadn't worked that out the last installment was one of the most badly written episodes of television I have ever voluntarily watched. It was as if it had been written by somebody else - a schoolboy perhaps. Almost as bad as if they had woken up to find "it was all a dream". Not to mention, it was billed as 13 weeks, 25 suspects, 1 killer. Seriously, 1 killer - what's up with that? A waste of 13 weeks of my life. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
| 07:35 EDT, 17 Aug, 2009
Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine. I, for one, enjoyed Harpers. It was quite intruiging, and I was shocked by the ending, which was a good thing.

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