Cave of Forgotten Dreams - SideReel Review

Finally! A great movie made with 3D technology. Cave of Forgotten Dreams is more of an interactive ride than an actual movie. You learn about the Chauvet Cave, you go inside the cave and then you learn about artifacts from that point in time in that area of Southern France (around 30,000 years ago). Werner Herzog narrates the film and adds his crazy quirkiness to a normally straightforward documentary of an archaic cave filled with pre-historic drawings.  

It is welcoming to see 3D technology in an educational and fascinating way. This film gives the world extensive access to those caves and drawings that only a handful of people have seen up close. I hope that the BBC Natural History and DisneyNature adapt 3D technology in the future when producing future nature documentaries. It is a powerful film that anyone with an interest with history will enjoy.  Even if you despise 3D movies, this particular film might change your mind.

-Eliseo Cabrera

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Trailer


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