DOCTOR WHO “Day of the Moon” Review

DOCTOR WHO "Day of the Moon" Season 6, Episode 2 – The opening for this week’s Doctor Whowas probably one of the more intense sequences I can remember in a long time. Three months after the events we saw in the previous episode, Canton is hunting down Amy, Rory and River while The Doctor is being held prisoner at Area 51. In a perfectly misleading Doctor Who twist, it’s revealed that it was all a coordinated plan to organize a revolution against The Silence who have been occupying Earth since the dawn of civilization.

Last week, the horror of The Silence was in their unexpected physical presence but this week, The Silence got into our heads by barely being seen at all. Amy, Rory and River’s attempts to remember the creatures they encountered by marking up their bodies was a very cool visual cue and after The Doctor installed the recording devices in their palms, the red flashing light became a terrifying signal that something scary happened that even we couldn’t remember. I nearly jumped out of my seat whenCanton’s palm started flashing and he turned around to reveal one of the Silent lurking inside the Tardis behind him. It makes me wonder if it’s possible that a Silent could have been sitting inside the Tardis for a number of their previous adventures without anyone ever remembering. Read More...


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