THE AMAZING RACE 18 “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen (Switzerland)” Recap

THE AMAZING RACE "Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen (Switzerland)" Season 18 Episode 10 –THE AMAZING RACE stays in picturesque Switzerland for another leg as teams go on a search and rescue mission, make chocolate Travelocity gnomes, and argue because there are "Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen."

Bergrestaunt-Moos Leg 9 Pit Stop in Zermatt:

Consecutive leg winners Zev/Justin are the first to get their clue at 6:54am and learn they are headed into the unknown. Kisha/Jen are second, followed by Kent/Vixsyn and Gary/Mallory. Flight Time/Big Easy are the last at the clue box at 8:43am.

Teams must go to the Zermatt air rescue helicopter port and sign up for a departure time. In a big break for the other teams, the first interval isn’t until 9:15am and they then occur every five minutes. Gary/Mallory snag a taxi before Kent/Vixsyn, so they get to the helicopter port first. Zev/Justin are first to go up in the helicopter, followed by Kisha/Jen, Gary/Mallory, Kent/Vixsyn, and Flight Time/Big Easy. The helicopter ride means it’s Detour time. Read More...


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