CAMELOT “Justice” Review

CAMELOT "Justice" Episode 5 – This week on CAMELOT Merlin has gone mad, Arthur holds a trial, and Morgan furthers her plan to take the throne. "Justice" begins with Arthur and crew riding through a rain storm back to Camelot when they are stopped by a young girl who tells then that her father is about to be killed. There are cut scenes that show the man beating another man in the head with a rock, which doesn’t really sit well with the locals. Turns out the guy killed the "head man" of the village and now head man’s brother is ready for revenge.

Arthur arrives just as the murder is being strung up, and orders him cut down, telling the village that they will hold a trial at Camelot to hear both sides of the story and allow justice to be served. They agree, and off to Camelot they go.

Meanwhile, Merlin has gone crazy and has locked himself in a room in the castle away from everyone. Igraine attempts to talk to him, but Merlin has none of it, even when she explains that Arthur is holding a trial in the main court. Merlin basically tells her it is none of his concern and goes back to the drawings and charts that he has hung all over the place. From what I could see of them, they looked like astrological charts. Arthur eventually visits Merlin, where Merlin tells him that he will not help with the trial. It was Arthur’s idea – he has to see it through. Read More...


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