SUPERNATURAL “Mommy Dearest” Review

SUPERNATURAL "Mommy Dearest" Season 6 Episode 19 – A few minutes before this episode ended, I was all set to right about the shock of seeing Eve killed. Sure the boys went out and got themselves some Phoenix ash, but I sure as hellfire didn’t think they would get to her so fast. So much for thinking that this season was going to end with the boys and Eve in some major showdown. Nope, instead it looks like we’re heading for a Cas heavy finale and I’m as excited as a schoolgirl in pigtails about it.

Before I talk more about Cas, I have to say first that I really enjoyed all four of the guys gathering together for a case. It gave everyone a chance to work together, as well as get paired up here and there in different teams than we’re used to seeing normally, and I dug it. Read More...


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