FRINGE “The Last Sam Weiss” Review

FRINGE "The Last Sam Weiss" Season 3 Episode 21 - So far this season of FRINGE has given us some great episodes, but "The Last Sam Weiss" tops them all (except maybe next week’s finale). Walternate has activated the Doomsday Device, and the effects in our universe are starting to spread with dangerous consequences. When Peter tries to step into the device to stop it, it flings him across the hangar and leaves him in a coma. Luckily for us, Sam Weiss knows how to bowl and repair Doomsday Devices.

In "The Last Sam Weiss", the Fringe team and our favorite bowling alley proprietor/First Person, Sam Weiss, work to stop the device before we lose it all. The events caused by the doomsday device in "6:02 AM EST" have transformed into dry lightning storms that seem to appear out of nowhere and strike at will. Sam takes Olivia on a trek to find a tool to help remove the force field protecting the device, but the results of their search shows them that Olivia and her abilities are the only way to stop the device. In the meantime, Peter has awoken from his coma and decides to go to Liberty Island in New York on his own, though he’s not really himself. Walter and Astrid figure out how to contain the damage from the lightning strikes (moving the doomsday device to Liberty Island), and Walter tries to coach Olivia on how to communicate with the alterverse device. Read More...


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