THE VAMPIRE DIARIES "The Last Day" Season 2 Episode 20 - We learn a great life lesson this week: always have a back up plan. It seems Klaus is the king of back up plans and double crosses. Last week we learned that the thousand year old sun/moon curse was all a cover for Klaus trying to unleash his wolfish side, and today he let the Scrappy’s think that Kickass Caroline and Tywolf were in danger when, uh, they weren’t.

That little smirk on Damon’s face when he saw it was Jules who was going to be sacrificed? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I had the same expression.

I could talk about this episode for days, so let’s look at the main issues: Damon/Elena, One True Human (aka Matt), Jenna and Damon’s little issue. There’s other stuff (including Elena and Stefan’s talk on the hilltop), of course, but let’s save that for next week. Read More...


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