THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Agreement Dissection” Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Agreement Dissection" Season 4 Episode 21 - The roommate agreement comes under attack again this week. It’s caused the boys problems in the past, but this time badass lawyer Priya is on the case. She pretty much declares the entire thing null and void – thanks to Sheldon not being specific enough in certain areas, shockhorror – and so Sheldon does what any normal person would.

He goes partying. With the girls.

Of course, this is Sheldon and so it consists mainly of milk and waltzing on his part, but it’s the thought that counts. Amy has enough of a wild side for them both – getting drunk, kissing Sheldon and then passing out on her bathroom floor.

But drunk Amy helped Sheldon figure out how to solve the roommate agreement (with a little help from Star Trek). He threatens to send an email revealing Priya’s relationship with Leonard to her parents. This is enough of a threat to get Leonard to sign a new, loophole-free agreement. And so the balance is restored. Read More...


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