THE KILLING “What You Have Left” Review

THE KILLING "What You Have Left" Season 1 Episode 6 - It is Rosie Larsen’s funeral in this week’s episode, set on the sixth day after the murder. Linden and Holder hurry to find a witness to tie prime suspect Bennet Ahmed to Rosie’s disappearance, but they may have found their witness too late to save Bennet from a vengeful Stan Larsen.

The principal of Rosie’s school informs Councillor Richmond about Bennet being a suspect in the murder. As Bennet is also the coach for one of Richmond’s Seattle Allstars projects, this is worrying news for the campaign. Campaign manager Wright tries to convince Richmond to cut all links with the suspect, but Richmond claims ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and defends Bennet during a live televised debate with Councillor Adams. The Richmond campaign is falling apart fast – will Richmond and Wright find a way to restore their poll ratings?

Some events in this episode were necessary but obvious. As soon as Bennet’s wife, Amber, was revisited it was obvious she was a suspect. When Bennet told Linden and Holder that he had ‘a funeralto go to’ it was obvious that Belko would then get the phonecall and tell Stan who the murder suspect was. Read More...


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