CSI: NY “Nothing for Something” Review

CSI: NY "Nothing for Something", Season 7 Episode 20 – CSI: NY returned this week with one of the coolest opening scenes I’ve ever seen on a CSI show. Set to the cool remix of "New York, New York", seeing the last night of the victim’s life in reverse was a really cool idea. While "Nothing for Something" did have a cool opening, it wasn’t entirely original (See random thoughts for explanation), although it was much more interesting than the standard CSI openings that consist of "See pretty person, see pretty person run from killer, see pretty person get killed".

While the rest of the episode didn’t quite maintain the same level of interest as the opening scene, it was fine as far as an episode of CSI: NY goes. It’s nice to see Jo cracking down on Mac and getting him to go home, but you basically knew as soon as he walked into the diner with Eddie that something bad was going to happen. I did think that the guy asking for directions was going to do something more drastic, like hold up the diner a la Pulp Fiction, or otherwise attack Mac and Eddie. Discreetly swiping Mac’s wallet was unexpected, although a bit anticlimactic. The whole situation seemed completely blown out of proportion, too. Mac sets up a five block radius search, and gets a bunch of cops to look for his wallet? Really!? Does this happen to me if my wallet gets stolen in New York City? Don’t police officers have better things to be doing? Just cancel your credit cards and don’t get your panties in a bunch, Mac! Read More...



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