The Simpsons Review: "The Real Housewives of Fat Tony"

I'm normally a fan of The Simpsons bit where Selma gets married and divorced in an episode.  Heck, her marriages to  Sideshow Bob and Troy McClure were some of my favorite classic Simpsons episode.

Unfortunately, Marge's sister's latest failed marriage to Fat Tony just couldn't meet the high standards set by its predecessors.  While the episode started off with a quality bit at the DMV, "The Real Housewives of Fat Tony" quickly went downhill from there.

While I'm usually a fan of the mob boss jokes that Fat Tony's appearances bring, they've pretty much been beaten to death by this show.  Plus, this has been the second weak Fat Tony episode this season after the terrible "Donnie Fatso."  Maybe it's time to retire this character from headlining episodes until the writers come up with a story worthy of telling. Read More...


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